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The symbol chosen for the Bak’atus Brand is the Boomerang - as you may see above in the company logo. The Boomerang is a flying tool with a curved shape used as a weapon or for sport. The boomerang when used correctly will travel a certain distance and return to its baseline. Now envision the symbol of a boomerang being attached to every human endeavor including: Arts and Letters; Education; the sciences; finance and industry. You should expect a return!

The symbol of the returning boomerang at Bak’atus means everything you put into your education, or training you should get back. Beginning with your elementary spelling B contest - to the Harvard Debate Club. “Whatever we do in life… comes Bak’atus.

We are a start-up, limited liability company formed in 2009 in the state of Minnesota. The principal owner is Anthony Brown whose title is Founder/CEO.